A Good Reason to Change Your Dropbox Password Now

17 Oct

Although Dropbox claims it wasn’t hacked according to an official statement released on its blog, as many as seven million Dropbox accounts may have been compromised, with a sampling of hundreds of those usernames and passwords leaked via four Pastebin files that were uploaded to Reddit by an anonymous user. The original poster promised to upload more usernames and passwords associated with Dropbox accounts in exchange for Bitcoin donations. Several Redditors commenting on the thread claim that the login credentials were still valid as of the posting. These photos on Brian and Laura’s registry site may even be at risk because of the breach.

According to Dropbox, the usernames and passwords came from an unrelated, third-party sites and that the person or persons who hacked those sites then attempted to use the same login credentials on various websites, including Dropbox.

Dropbox claims that it has measures in place to detect suspicious activity and will expire passwords when such activity occurs. However, the site recommends that users enable two-step verification so that their accounts cannot be accessed with only a password. Dropbox also recommends not reusing the same passwords for different accounts across the Web.

Twitter’s Head of News Stepped Down. What’s Next?

16 Oct

Twitter’s head of news tweeted that she was leaving the social media company on Thursday, October 9.

In a three-part tweet, Vivian Schiller, head of news on Twitter, said she is stepping down, naming Katie Staton as the new head. Staton was Twitter’s global media lead prior to her new post. Schiller congratulated the woman by saying she is really fit for the job. The former head also wishes everyone in the company the best.

Schiller’s departure is another major change in the social media company, after chief operating officer Ali Rowghani’s resignation this June.

On her Twitter, Schiller thanked Rowghani and Twitter’s former media head Chloe Sladen. She expressed her gratitude to the two and Marnie Bennett for convincing her to work on Twitter, which she said “was a fascinating experience.”

The changes brought by these departures have caused the social media company to reorganise. Part of the reorganisation is placing Daniel Graf at the head of product from being the Google Map head, and Alex Roetter as the head of engineering. Also part of the reorganisation, former communications and marketing head Gabriel Stricker is assuming his new post as head of media.

In a report published in the social media news website Buzzfeed, the reorganisation came as Twitter tries to prove to investors that they have the ability to steadily grow as a company. Twitter impressed people of Wall Street in their last earnings report reflecting impressive growth, especially in terms of their financial standings.

Twitter continues to gain users daily, as a social platform and news source.

AT&T Mobility Must Pay $105 Million For Cramming

15 Oct

On Wednesday, federal and state regulators announced that AT&T Mobility will pay $105 million in penalties and refunds to customers. The charges are the result of a settlement after the company was accused of a practice known as cramming, in which a company charges customers for ringtones, text messages with horoscopes, and other “services”, often without the customer’s knowledge or consent. While AT&T is not the first wireless provider accused of cramming, this settlement is the largest penalty yet for the practice.

The $105 million in penalties and refunds will be divided amongst several recipients, including:

  • $80 million to the FTC to provide refunds to customers
  • $20 million in fees to 50 states and the District of Columbia
  • $5 million to the FCC

The charges of cramming were brought by the FTC as a complaint filed in federal court in Atlanta. A similar complaint was filed against T-Mobile in July and is still being contested, while officials say complaints against other providers (let’s hope not FreedomPop) will be filed soon.

Third Party Snapchat App Hacked Leaking 13gb of Photos

11 Oct

Circulating through 4Chan are more than 200,000 leaked images from a third party Snapchat application. The app is meant to catalog snaps that would otherwise be deleted. So that you’re able to save them for later, and keep track of ones that you’ve sent.

However, an exploit was found in that application, that led to hundreds of thousands of photos being stolen. The event has been dubbed the Snappening, in reference to The Fappening incident, in which celebrity nude photos were stolen from Apple’s iCloud storage.

While Snapchat was not directly hacked, photos that were stored with this third party app were compromised.

This teaches us two things:

  1. Don’t use third party apps that you can’t trust.

If these users had stuck with the original Snapchat app, there would be no worry about the hack. Snapchat does not store your photos, and they really are gone once the timer expires. So do yourself a favor, and don’t try to save photos that aren’t meant to be saved with a third party application.

  1. Maybe don’t take a picture of your face in your nude selfies.

If your selfie is going to someone that you can trust, they already know who you are, so maybe leave your face out of the picture. That way, you have plausible deniability should the images leak anywhere.

Apple Continues to Dominate Global Tech Brands

10 Oct

Technology remains the big standout of the Interbrand rankings, as they’ve just released their 2014 rankings for global brands. Unsurprisingly tech companies dominated the list of 100 top firms, with Apple being at the top of the ladder. The company is valued at an incredible $118.9 billion.

Google was the next closest company on the list, with a valuation of $107 billion. In the top 100, there were 13 companies exclusively devoted to creating and pursuing new technology.

Although Coca-Cola took the third place spot, the top five rounds out with Microsoft and IBM. Meaning that 4 of the 5 biggest businesses in the world are all technology companies.

The rest of the list is made up of the usual suspects, like Disney, MTV and other major entertainment brands. But also retail enterprises as well, including major corporations like Genesis Diamonds.

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